Developer, Designer, Writer.

My name is Tim Chambers and I'm a 21 year old student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Currently, I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in communication.

Boring resume speak aside, I spend about half of my productive time writing and the other half of the time building software. Somewhere in between, I exercise to counter my daily intake of junk food.

Under the pseudonym "Simon G. Grenshaw", I have written, revised, edited and rewritten a set of stories that fall into a universe "The First International". On the programming end of things, I normally do full application stack development, front end, back end, database, UX, UI, etc.

That being said, if you have need of my services, please contact me using my info located in the footer down below.

Side note: I don't dye my hair. Red is its natural color.

Note: This list excludes all projects that are under NDA or unreleased as of 8/31/2013.
smilDesigner Summer 2013

State Machine GUI Editor & Test Extensions During my junior year internship, I worked at Cisco Systems and was handed the job of writing sanity tests for a virtual machine inside their XR-OS router. Cisco had a special Python framework in place for building such tests, which was extensible, well-documented, pythonic... and enormous. Interestingly, while I was slogging through the testing frameworks codebase and documentation, I came across an inefficiency in how router architectures were being conceptualized. You see, in the design process, engineers would spend hours upon hours transforming hand-drawn pictures of state machine models into XML markup files, that had to conform to a complex DTD (Called a 'smil' file)

The next day, I brought this concern up with my manager, and one week later, I took on a second project centered around alleviating this developmental burden, i.e. creating a desktop application to automate the process. By the end of the internship, I submitted a full fledged, cross-platform, state machine editor along with the final version of my router-testing API.

P&C Mailing List Fall 2012

Marketing Campaign Extractor In my Managing IT Resources class, my term-project team engaged with (P&C) to develop an Email list Management System for use in their advertising campaigns. It was designed to enable the company's agents to quickly search, target and export specific customer data/email addresses in CSV file format, through their web browser.

As Team Project Leader and Technical Manager, I was responsible for the entire design and development of the system. In the interest of simplicity and maintainability (P&C did not have any full-time web developers), we used a WAMP Stack in conjunction with the CakePHP back-end framework and the Twitter Bootstrap as the style framework.

By the semester's end,the functioning product was approved and handed over to P&C's marketing agents for real-world use.

SnagMobile Summer 2012

Smart Phone Concession Delivery For my sophomore internship, I was hired by a startup to develop a stateless mobile javascript web application, written in BackBone JS. I was also involved with developing the Django server-side system, that handled the orders and related transactions. I had a direct hand in designing the front end foundation for the POS system and the Venue Management System for our company's clients and their employees. The ORM abstracted a good portion of the Postgres-database away from my work this time around, but we still had to write migrations using South to ensure the schema of the production DB running on Heroku was the same as that inside our development machines.

In addition to wireframing app features, drafting design documents, and writing unit tests, the Scrum development methodology was useful in keeping the entire team (especially me) on task.

Pulling all nighters was fun!.

DabaSwap Spring 2011

Social MarketPlace As my first 'start up' idea, I worked with another RPI student to migrate a localized item exchange from Facebook onto an open source banking software called Cyclos. Instead of currency being exchanged, a virtual currency entitled 'daba' was used to encourage buyers and sellers to trade items of inconsequential value. As a consequence of the choice in platforms, the marketplace had to be deployed as a java WAR, which used the Apache Struts framework, and was integrated with a Vanilla Forum installation using SSO.

Although the intended goal was to develop a hyperlocal, modernized version of Craigslist, development ceased due to a lack of outside investment.

Semantic Imageboard Fall 2011

Undergraduate Research Project During my first semester sophomore year, I participated in Rensselaer's Open Source Society to build a forum engine that could (theoretically) facilitate better online discourses. To this end, certain concepts were applied from Reddit comment threads and imageboard threads. Additionally, Danbooru's folksonomic tagging was implemented to enable crowd sourced organization and more efficient searching of user-generated content. CakePHP served as the main organizing framework, which helped streamline development and taught me the ins-and-out of the MVC pattern.

The project succeeded as a proof-of-concept but was dropped at the end of the semester because of time constraints.

Touhou-Project Downloader Summer 2010

Crowd sourced fiction converter Some time ago, I participated in a writing community that involved its readers in the story-telling process. An author would write a section for his or her story and then give his or her readers a set of options for how the story should progress. The most voted-on option would then set the stage for the next entry, with the next set of options for the readers to decide upon. The website's popularity eventually became problematic since the underlying forum engine was generic; e.g. it did not organize the story threads automatically, each entry was seperated by a litany of votes. As the number of individual story threads surpassed 600, some of them exceeding 200,000 words in length, reading older story threads became very tiresome for new users to do.

To resolve this problem, I wrote an online downloader which would scrape the story threads using cURL, combine them together in PHP, and then output them in three different formats. Of these, the MS Word Doc one was the most important since it could easily be converted into any other type of document, e.g. PDF, epub. As this was my first 'production' web application, I wrote it using rudimentary XHTML, CSS2, javascript, jQuery, and a very hacked together PHP backend. Despite its technical shortcomings however, the story community took to it with enthusiasm, downloading over 10,000 different versin of stories over the course of three years.


Monte Carlo Shotgun Summer 2012 - Current

The first experiment already illustrates a truth of the theory, well confirmed by practice, what-ever can happen will happen if we make trials enough. A story about a machine which manipulates fate, and the students who experiment with it. It is set sixty years before the beginning of the International Arc Zero, during the 2000's period, in a nondescript college of the Northwestern part of the United States.

This is the current focus for my writing.

The First International Fall 2010 - Current

A velociraptor questions its existence,a young man covers up a horrible crime, a prophet tries to change the future, a monstrosity readies the judgement of God, a violinist discovers the world’s greatest music, and an old man walks into a room.
This happens in one night.
Facing the collapse of human civilization and besotten by the emergence of dark abominations, six ordinary humans and unordinary non-humans will come together to remake the world in their image.

That is, if they don't kill each other first.

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